In my head

Life is a cliché


Yes, I know it is not what most of you want to hear or acknowledge for that matter. Good thing we, people who write and try to write about the absurdity of living in such a controlled society, don’t “send” our words, being them written or spoken, to any of these people who feel comfortable in their own discomfort.

As for me, I love clichés. Why? Because they split people in categories, which of course doesn’t work very well for the people in question but it works for me in order to understand how they work, as united groups without even being aware of this. Yes, of course I am wrong, you might say…people are not defined by clichés. I might read too much into such an innocent word and its use. Oh, but yes they are and there is nothing wrong with it, except the fact that they live trapped in a series of “laws” and become a product of what other people discovered and learned when they generated those “laws”. It is mostly like living someone else’s life. For instance, people don’t believe in anything that doesn’t end in a “happy ending”. And if it doesn’t, then well, “everything happens for a reason”. Or, of course, “God never gives you more than you can take/handle”… And that is how they usually accept dramas, using these two unwritten laws that somehow give them the strength to go on and, in some cases, fight with whatever tragedy came in their lives. “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”, others would say, quoting (even if they are aware of it or not) Nietzsche, who said it first. This last one is a very true cliché, and I even dare to call it educational. However, the way “what doesn’t kill you actually makes you stronger” works is…through inner development when facing dramas or unhappy events in your life. Of course we could talk about the context Nietzsche said it in but that would make for an incredible long essay! (I invite you to look into that though, it is worth it) I don’t see how, by applying the first two and very popular clichés that I mentioned, one can grow through their experiences since, they are not theirs…somehow. Therefore, if we “blame” God for both our happiness and unhappiness, and if we think He takes decisions instead of us, then I don’t know how we can actually discover those experiences that would make us get stronger, in case we are not killed by the drama in question.

But clichés are part of life, is when they become life itself, that we have a problem! I want to mention that clichés are not quotes! A quote has quotations and also an author who said it or wrote it at a certain time. Clichés are either sayings kept as tradition is kept in a culture, or what I call “stolen quotes”, which means an individual uses a quote without actually quoting the author. While I accept sayings-clichés, I find it hard to accept the stolen ones. People tend to steal (and I believe this is exactly the word to use) everything that seems wise enough to “improve” in one way or another their image, which by other means apparently can’t be improved. As for sayings, they become “social laws” since many tend to apply them and live according to them even if, sometimes they are wrongly used and most of the times they are very personal, in spite of their universal acceptance.

When life is a cliché itself, there is drama. Not our drama necessary but drama. Someone who lives only by what other people said, wrote, etc, can’t actually create their own life lessons, and discover themselves through them, which I tend to believe it is the meaning of life itself. I need to make it clear for my dear readers, that it is okay to learn from what we read and from the conversations we have with other people. It is more than ok to adapt that information that we get from everything around us to our own life, and it is also very fair to spread the word when it deserves to be spread. But if, by any chance, we get to develop beyond all that blanket of knowledge that other people who actually lived their lives in a very original, uncopied-pasted, and respectful way, covered us with then…we are we, the ones we discovered along the journey and the ones who were meant to be. Now, at the end of this little text, I realize that the title should have been “Life shouldn’t be a cliché”, however I will keep the first one because, unfortunately, is more representative.

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