“Love is unisex”

Teasing fragment from “Adverbs of Love”


“In a city in which the ghost of communism is still hunting the political and social environment even after 25 years of democracy, civilization is hard to implement and even harder to maintain as a part of the civic system. Also, an important part of civilization is acceptance of change and receptivity towards development steps that need to be taken in order to evolve not only as individuals but as a society. Humans are only that: humans. All the same and all different simultaneously, which makes us all part of the same team, regardless to our preferences. People always try to be part of uniform groups that believe in the same ideas and values. Groups that follow the same principles and apply the same concepts. Whatever is different is questionable and therefor it lacks social legitimacy. And maybe it would not be so normal to be like that. Maybe being all the same shouldn’t be a goal. Just maybe, we managed to live for millenniums exactly because we are different, as much as we are all the same. The paradox of human nature! And what happens when some of us disagree with the rest of us? They become minorities, some accepted, some not. However, regardless to the level of acceptance, which depends on the country and society we are referring to, all minorities are more or less isolated by the rest of the community and they have to create a system of their own. Not as powerful as the uniform system, but still a system that works for them and more important, that makes them feel comfortable inside it. And that is when disorder begins. That is when we fail being part of the same team and we become enemies in our own home which is our planet. When people start fighting for acceptance, in order to prove they are just as legit as the rest of the crowd who rejected them, things get out of hand.

All these thoughts were hunting Christine’s mind as two women stepped in the coffee shop, holding hands. Everyone stared at them for a second, even herself, in the effort to assume they are just two good friends coming to have some fresh hot coffee. One of them was actually very beautiful. Her long curly brown hair was falling down her fancy sweater almost reaching her waist and her high heels made a nice sound like a musical rhythm as she was walking toward the table they picked. The other girl was not as beautiful, mainly because she had something masculine in her. Maybe the short black hair and the straight jeans that were not showing much of her feminine forms were guilty for that first impression. On top she was wearing an XL shirt and her face was natural, with no makeup, which was creating a visible contrast with her fancy companion. As soon as they occupied their table, they waved toward Christine to get their order, even if none of them had opened the menus.

“Two Cosmopolitan cocktails and a strong coffee, isn’t that what you wanted, honey?” said the beautiful girl as she was looking at her companion. After they both agreed that is the final order, Christine went to prepare it, looking at them from time to time just to notice if her assumptions were right. And they were. Soon after she left their table, the two girls started kissing and whispering sweet love words to each other, attracting even more the eyes of other customers. Some of them started gossiping about how inappropriate their behavior was. But if they were a straight couple, probably there would not even be a glance in their direction.

“Ew! Are those lesbians?” said Ann as she was approaching her friend who looked busy behind the bar.

“Yes, Ann, and I don’t understand your reaction, really! Try to behave, will you?” said Christine almost upset.

“But they definitely don’t try to behave at all. What kind of person is exposing themselves like this in a public place? Maybe there are children here and …”

“They are just kissing, for God’s sake!” snapped Christine at her friend’s ignorance.

“Speaking of God, they are two women. I believe God might have a problem with that. He set up the hormones differently.”

“Ann, you were born after ’89, weren’t you? Cut off that communist way of thinking! Try to look at them and see deeper than two women kissing!”

“Not sure I want that” said Ann with the same disgusted expression on her face. “Don’t get me wrong, you are a pretty girl as well, Christine, but I still need a man”

“There are not just two girls kissing. There are two human beings in love. Love is unisex, or it should be! Is a feeling, do you want to discuss feeling’s sexuality, assuming our feelings have such thing?”

“I don’t think they do. But that sets a bad example, look at them! And the woman with short hair is dressed like a man. What is the point in being a lesbian if you are dressed like a man? Lesbians should like girls, not girls dressed like men!” said Ann entertaining the debate she had with Christine as she was getting the order ready for the controversial couple.

“I think you are digging too deep now and totally in the wrong direction. They make a lovely couple. And if I saw two men kissing, I would think the same. And since you mentioned God, I believe He would agree with that.”

Ann kept staring at the girls, in an impolite way, and the only time she would get her eyes off them was when Christine was giving her a hard kick with her elbow, sign that she becomes rude and it is not alright to judge people in such an obvious way.

“You know what I don’t get? Beside the biological issue, because it is against nature and you can’t argue that, the Bible also condemns that sort of behavior and they don’t seem to care for any of that. Or for people like me staring at them, for that matter.”

“Oh yes, I can argue it. Who says it is against nature? And against God? As for the people staring at them, they actually really shouldn’t care for. All that those people do, including yourself, is embarrassing themselves and that is it. Look at you, dating a married man and sleeping with him behind his wife’s back! How do you call that? Natural behavior?!” asked Christine as she was getting even more disturbed by her friend’s way of thinking. Ann remained silent a few seconds before answering that, like she just realized she wasn’t such a “church door” how Romanians say about people that think they are doing everything by the Bible. After all, Christine was right. In some aspects, sleeping with a married man, disrespecting a vow two people made in front of God, was worse than two free women kissing and obviously in love with each other. Those two girls had commitment, something her own relationship was missing from its very beginning. And realizing that hurt her, but sometimes truth does that. It hurts people. And most of the times it can’t be handled which is why it is not spoken out loud, like Christine just did.

“Can you let me bring them the order?” said Ann without answering her question. After all, for Christine even that was an answer itself. A sign of acceptance and inner peace. She was almost sorry for the brutal way she made Ann admit that there are worse things straight people do, than gay ones might do. And no one is judging them. She gave Ann the tray and watched her going toward the table, smiling and wishing the lovely couple to enjoy their cocktails and coffee, also assuring them that she was there in case they needed something else.

“That is how it should be”, thought Christine. We should all accept each other and work together as a team. We fight so much to be the same when we actually are and don’t even know it. Straight or gay, poor or rich, healthy or sick, young or old, we are creations of the same God, with the purpose to “live happily ever after”, just like in fairy tales. As a matter of fact that is the only truth that fairy tales teach us: we should live happily ever after and if we don’t, that is just to be blamed on our inner conflicts, that don’t matter anyway.”


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