In my head

Thoughts of a sleepless diva


Because no text in the world should ever start with „because” , I will start it like that. As I will make sure everyone who reads this understands how I am not a diva (lol), not even in the same zipcode with this notion which appears to be so highly respected nowadays.

2.56 a.m. Can’t sleep and have a bunch pf papers to take care of, some for working, some for writing, but all of them with an immediate deadline to be met. Still, a break is requiered…Did my nails 2 weeks ago, anyone interested in that? I thought so…well anyway just wanted to let you know fake nails suck, big time! However natural ones suck even more especially when they break and it hurts and, well…not interesting. Moving on from that, I also finished like 6 books, 3 to write and 3 to read…reading and writing go together like…i dunno, garlic and fries if you’re Romanian :D. But you will read my reviews as well as info on my books in future posts when I actually feel smarter which doesn’t happen now. Now I feel like a woman and not because some sexual act that might have happened recently but because I have very feminine concerns. For instance, should we shave our legs? Now, I know society prefers them shaved but still, should we? Mistery. Or should we wear waterproof mascara? Every time I put on waterproof shit on my face, I have a sad feeling doing it…it’s like I assume already someone or something is gonna make me cry or throw me in a pool, and I need to be prepared for both cases so I put on my unbeatable make up. Bullshit that sells because we are silly human beings, I admit. Tanned skin is another mystery, now why the heck do we wanna look darker? Lol, no comment to that actually. Like imagine a woman with fake hair, fake nails, fake eyes color, fake skin color and fake eyelashes…holy cow! (yep, COW…a holy one, literally speaking). Why do we need a man instead of wanting one? Like we start to want one and in the end we need them…I try to stay away from that shit. A man is a man and if I recall right, God made the woman because the man needed one not the other way around lol (just how feminist is this last sentence? sorry, guys :D) … does this theory work? Anyway, why do we take drugs? I mean we all know life has its shitty moments but do we really need to hide them under the rug? Well I halucinate quite well on myself so maybe that’s why I wonder about using drugs to generate that … But I’m a mess so let’s not put me in the matter.  Why do we need plastic surgery? Yea, beside being prettier for a bunch of gorillas … lol. (real guys will never fall for that stuff)  Why is our life complete with children? I mean if we don’t have children it’s incomplete? Weird. Why are energy, and other spiritual theories so trendy all of a sudden? If we discover God it’s not an individual with white beard (by the way, He is not exactly like that anyway) but a wave of energy and frequences do we pray to him differently? Does that change our faith? Or we just redefine things that we don’t need to just because it is cool and it makes us feel wiser…I don’t wanna feel wiser so I’m good. I could go on till September with all these diva dilemmas but I am afraid I need to go back to my writing…for those who don’t know me, I send an open invitation to follow this blog, comment, criticize or praise, express feelings and thoughts in the most real way possible. Here, in the Living and Writing community, we don’t really care if you are a teacher or a sailor, we don’t care if you are straight or gay and we don’t care if you are pretty or ugly. We just care to hear your thoughts because it is a waste to keep them to yourself.

Have a kickass day, fellows!

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