“Love is unisex”

Teasing fragment from "Adverbs of Love" "In a city in which the ghost of communism is still hunting the political and social environment even after 25 years of democracy, civilization is hard to implement and even harder to maintain as a part of the civic system. Also, an important part of civilization is acceptance of… Continue reading “Love is unisex”


“Life is what happens when you’re too busy doing someone else”

Fragment of the book "Adverbs of Love" : "When days go by looking all the same, one can’t stop but wonder if all this time is worth it. Probably it’s not. Most of the people wouldn’t need decades of repetitive actions on this planet, and also they wouldn’t need to make it to work every… Continue reading “Life is what happens when you’re too busy doing someone else”

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That would be me :)

You can call me obsolete, because I still love radio theater when there are movies like Avatar… You can condemn me for loving the smell of old books that I can only find in big libraries… You can say I am boring for listening to Mozart … or for feeling happy when I listen to… Continue reading That would be me 🙂