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8 Reasons WHY Gay marriages are O.K.


  1. Because like any other marriage, a gay marriage is (or should be) based on love on top of everything else. Marriage is just a way to make a love story official therefore…why not giving this right to two people, perfectly responsible for their own actions and with the possibility to make their own choices?
  2. God is love! Not just a certain kind of love. All haters of gay marriages claim that God made a man and He made a woman and the man and the woman are meant to be together and that’s it. No more debating! Well, actually there is some more debating because God before anything else, is Love. Not just a part of love, and aspect of love or a piece of love, He is all kind of Love and where is Love there is God…and to end this one: Any wedding is a royal wedding in God’s eyes!
  3. Democracy. That alone says a lot.
  4. Medical condition. Some people are born this way. Does that mean they don’t deserve a change to happiness? The legal kind of happiness by state laws and God’s laws. Absolutely they do.
  5. Sex is not what it used to be.  Let’s face it, who has sex the traditional way anymore? In these days, fetishes became some sort of extreme sports with no boundaries and in comparison with those, homosexuality is actually innocent. We have a lot more complex and I dare to say worse practices and having two lesbians getting married became actually normal and more than that even sweet.
  6. What people do in their bedroom is always…always their choice. Therefore, as long as gay people don’t try to convince straight ones to change their ways, or to promote their lifestyle more than it would be a common sense sort of publicity, or they don’t try to take advantage of their status, it’s all good and we shouldn’t try to influence or change them either. We all are who we are.
  7. Gay people, might just be able to teach all of us a lesson…a lesson about acceptance of our own nature. A lesson of tolerance and ultimately a lesson of love that sometimes is put above all social limitations.
  8. Don’t be a discriminative junkie!

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