Native Society


Irina Maria Tracy is an adult writer of stories and novels rooted in real life aspects. She is a journalist in Europe and collaborates with various international publications such as Cosmopolitan or The New York Times. But her heart was always into her books more than any other type of writing. “The answer of the Darkness” was her first novel and the writing journey continued with “Haunted Aliens”, “Vampires Rapture: Ancient sins” and a short stories collection titled “Adverbs of love”.

Most common activity:

Writing is an extension of my breathing so, undeniably, writing would be the most common activity. Whether it is an article or a new book, I am always working on a new piece. Since in my perception, writing is life, I tend to believe that a writer never takes a vacation. When they are not writing, they are observing the world and thinking about writing.

Favorite show/movies

I don’t really watch shows but when it comes to movies I have to mention “The Thomas Crown’s affair”, “7 years in Tibet”, “Gone with the wind”, “Casablanca” to name only a few.

Fav Ig Accounts

I can’t say I have favourite IG accounts but I will admit that I am drawn to those platforms that motivate us to grow and become a better version of ourselves while keeping our feet firmly on the ground.

Fav meal/drink

I will eat anything that tastes good as long as no animal had to suffer for me to enjoy that meal. However, I don’t really like to identify myself with the “veganism” lifestyle because I don’t believe in the enforcement that seems to come with it.

Most questionable thing you’ve seen or heard recently

I spend plenty of time online, researching and writing as well as keeping in touch with my followers, so I come across questionable things on a daily basis. But what concerns me lately is a set of beliefs supported by a group that calls itself Qanon and seems to think that our planet is ruled by pedophiles, and they call themselves “truthers” rather than conspiracy followers. Now, I am a firm believer in the freedom of speech but this “great awakening” seems very Questionable to me. My concern so to speak, is the fact that it has a significant impact on the young generation and it has all the ingredients to blow out of proportions and create more damage than help.

First thing you did when isolation was over…

I actually kept myself isolated… I worked from home before the pandemic, during the pandemic and after the pandemic. So, this global event didn’t impact my life much.

What inspires you to write?

Life. People. Nature. My inner self and the desire to stay in touch with all that. I explore my thoughts and feelings in a way that makes me feel alive and safe when I write. It is very similar to an inner dance of angels and demons that, for once, can work together to help me put my pulse into words.

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