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Things that are OKAY when you turn 28


  1. 28


    It’s okay to watch cartoons and laugh like a 5 years old

  2. It’s okay to stop after the first beer and not drink till you pass out…well, not anymore.
  3. It’s okay to dye your hair different colors. (I vote for green).
  4. It’s okay to wear short skirts…I mean really as short as you want them to be.
  5. It’s okay to get a tattoo if you didn’t do it already.
  6. It’d okay to change your profession and go to school again.
  7. It’s okay if you don’t have kids and still feel pretty happy without them.
  8. It’s okay if you still get out for ice cream past midnight.
  9. It’s okay if you are still renting a place.
  10. It’s okay if you are still not able to define yourself.
  11. It’s okay if you want a huuuugggeeee teddy bear.
  12. It’s definitely okay to believe in unicorns.
  13. It’s okay to not have a 9 to 5 job but still be able to provide for yourself.
  14. It’s okay if you don’t think you need all the beauty productsthey tell you to start using now that you are 28.
  15. It’s finally okay to choose a good book and a glass of wine over a dumb movie and a glass of beer.
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