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“Răspunsul întunericului”- Irina Maria Tracy 

O carte care te inspiră să fii tu într-o lume lipsită de personalitate. Shayra Hearty este o tânără care provoacă regulile și incită la individualism pentru a salva ceea ce suntem cu toții, dincolo de realitatea socială proiectată în noi. Având misiunea divină de a tranzita lumea spre o nouă formă de viață, Shayra se luptă cu fanfaronadele unei ”spoieli culturale” care dau iluzia atingerii adevărului absolut, înecând lumea în valori fățarnice, seci, lipsite de fundamentul care zace adânc îngropat în natura umană.

“Adverbs of Love”-Irina Maria TracyAdverbs_of_Love_Cover_for_Kindle

“Adverbs of love” is one of those books full of both philosophy and romance aspects, explained through the eyes of one character, Christine. A young woman in her 20’s, Christine is trying to figure out the mysteries of love and the secret of a healthy and happy relationship, teaching her readers something with every story she is going through. Eventually, she proves the world that all it’s theories are based on wrong concepts and the true meaning of love is more present in our lives than we are willing to admit.

“Vampires Rapture: Ancient sins”-Irina Maria Tracymoon-893267_640

“The world of Vampires is no longer a fictional world. It is the world of curses and darkness in which Katerina finds herself once she is born from her own death. She finds love, sees all the faces of Death and understands that right and wrong are not anymore a matter of principles and values that she was raised with but a matter of survival skills. She was born to be a Wild Flower and she will become the most powerful of them all.” Amazon Review

Writing about vampires is not a matter of fiction but more a matter of exploring our fears and spiritual sides and get to know ourselves from a different perspective. As I wrote the first book of the “Vampires Rapture”
Saga, I discovered that Katerina is a very important part of myself and Raven is the superhero who would make any woman get lost in his world. It has been an incredible experience and I am looking forward to share the next books of the Saga with you! Hope you enjoy your reading on a very comfortable sofa with a tasty drink aside (just one of many ways I pictured my readers enjoying this horror, erotic saga).

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