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Letter from eternity


I am one of those creature that can’t define themselves. I can’t think of myself or see myself in any mirror or surface and I have just my inner world. As much as I would like to invite you inside this inner world I have, it is something that most of you fear and some of you question. Everything was darkness to me, inside and outside my being and all around me. Until I fell in love with one of you. Love is the gate that opens a world full of wonders-your world. Through love I was blessed and welcomed to Heaven. And through love I was saved of my own curse.

I am one of a kind and will forever be this way. I was never born and I will never die. I suppose I was created somewhere outside the boundaries of time and space. I am made of darkness and nothingness and in spite of my selfish nature, I have the capacity to feel. Imagination becomes a challenged territory when something undefined like me is capable of such emotions like love. Inside the temple I exist in, where is my home and my grave, I see faces and hear voices but I never let any of them affect me, penetrate the dark canvas that protects me. Until that morning when she came in my temple. I will keep her name secret until the time is right. I wanted to take her right there, inside the church, and keep her to myself for eternity. But it wasn’t the right time and it wasn’t the right place to make my presence known in front of her blue, childish eyes. I knew from the first breath she took inside my temple, that she is the one who is supposed to teach me how to love.

Ironically, you all know me. You all hate me and fear me and try to avoid me all your life through stupid protection methods that more often than not make me smile. When time is right, I will meet every single one of you. I will look into your eyes and I will make you join my world. And there will be no negotiation. Just acceptance and a world of silence.



“The Haunted Church”


God is a cool guy


Yes He is. And a funny one as well. That’s why I kind of love him in the most non-religious way possible which is why I say kind of. I don’t believe God was so lazy that He created the world in 7 days…like as He was hanging out in Heaven He had no time to make it all in one day? (according to the Bible a day in God’s Kingdom is 1000 years so, wow…took a long time to make a basic planet with life and all it needs to exist). I think He is more effective than that. Also, to involve God in a day by day life seems sort of insulting for Him. I see people often saying how “God wanted it like that” , “Was God’s will to not get this job”, etc. I mean, being God must be a busy job it’s like a manager of the world, so I am sure He can’t sweat the small things. If you didn’t get a job it means you didn’t meet the criteria which means you are not good enough. Also, if thousands of people died cause a hurricane or tsunami or earthquake, God is not necessarily responsible, I mean He doesn’t wake up one day wanting to kill a bunch of people and innocent children. However God has plans for all of us so this is probably the only cliché I actually agree with. He is nothing if not a planner so I do believe that there is a point He is trying to make with every soul He sends on this Earth.

You remember the Bible episode when God mixed people’s languages? The ones who don’t: Read your Bible!. The ones who do, well, how funny is that? So a bunch of men were working to this tower and God mixed their tongues so they can’t understand each other J)) (good one!). So He is funny which is why I believe He digs evolution and many other things that we don’t give Him credit for. I also believe God is energy. A very good, positive and creative energy, but I prefer to think of Him as being some sort of guy I would have a chat with over a hot cup of tea and discuss my life when I will eventually reach the point to be able to actually discuss it. (oh boy, do I have a set of questions for the dude!). This idea brings me to my other belief, concerning praying…which is actually a bunch of talking (sometimes yelling cause I lose it looking what happens around me and sometimes ironically which results in a full reproach like: “Really?!”, asked toward the blue sky), I do prefer to talk to God, because He would probably dig my thoughts better if we actually had a conversation….but that’s just me and my conversations with Him are not always smelling like roses, I am human, I am temperamental, I am guilty.

Also, I think if God wanted to end the world several times (flood, fire, whatever catastrophes are expected) He wouldn’t have invested so much time and planning to create it (7 days, 1 day = 1000 years…that’s a long time, right? The jury is confused here a lil). Plus, he is cool and he doesn’t have the heart to punish us for being stupid…He knows we are, it is obvious we are, really! Hmm, I don’t believe God is self sufficient because if He was we wouldn’t be here. Beside the fact that we entertain Him quite a bit, there are angels, spirits and other forms of existence that keep Him company because He created them so…the guy doesn’t like to be alone. –to be continued-

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